Visiting Calgary?


Information for our Visitors to Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary is a youthful city of approximately 935,000 nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. It was founded in the late 19th Century on the Bow River as a distribution centre for the farming and ranching communities. Since then it has become a dynamic city with a much more diversified economy centered on the oil, gas, finance, transportation, tourist and agricultural industries.

Calgary is home to the world-famous Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and is ideally situated in the province for use as a “base” to explore the natural, cultural, and historic sites of Alberta. Calgary has a number of museums, a world-class zoo, a heritage park and numerous other venues of interest. The city is also the location of a gay rodeo which is now moving into its eleventh year and takes place in late June.

One of the traditions of each Chapter of Prime Timers is hosting Prime Timer visitors from other cities, just as they willingly do when members of our group visit their city. If you are planning to visit our city, are a mature gay/bisexual man, and want to make contact with our group, please e-mail us at: